Monday, September 12

So I have this friend, Eban, who used to go out with Blo. When they travelled to Aribona for a month, he said they had sex without a condom. I'm very particular about contraception and I never forgive my friends who do that. Anyway, in his defense he said he could never be prepared cause he never knew when it was going to happen cause every time it seemed to him like the first date, like going on a first date again with the same person. Like starting from scratch all the flirting and stuff, asking the same questions. Well, this is how I feel about myself all the fucking time. When I move from one flat to the next, when I get a new boyfriend. When I change jobs, or towns, or countries. I have to start from scratch again, to get to know myself. What music do I like what I want for breakfast. What's your name? Eibini, oh mine is Eibini too, how old are you, 35, oh me too 35, do you like prawns, not sure give me a day.

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