Friday, April 25

Thailand 2014 In my dream you whisper: egg-free pistachio, egg-free pistachio! I had a boob job and my tits look like fried eggs stuck together and looking sideways.

 No, no worries, I know you do not munch crackers in the airport. No, you are not this type, munching crackers and cheese cubes our of the purple bowl in the airport. No, you are the type who wears a long, pink, chiffon skirt, which touches the floor and sweeps the cramps from the crackers in the airport.

 Thank you, thank you Town Hall! Thank you! Thank you Town Hall, Thank you for your kindness, for the years of trust, for the sleepless nights, for this magnificent ceremony, for saying goodbye, Thank you Town Hall, I love you. I love you Town Hall, I have never met a Town Hall like you before, my dear Town Hall. Ευχαριστώ, σας ευχαριστώ, με συγκινείτε, με συγκινείτε, πως με συγκινείτε.

 Hear that? KSSSSSS, no that, KSSSSSSSS, that? KSSSSSSS, hear that?

 Pipipipipipipipipipipopipopipipopopopopipipopopopopopopopipipipipipipopopopopopopopoppopopopopoooooooooooooopopopopopop, hear that? 

Oooooon watermelon-lon-lon-lon-lin-lon-lon-lon 

OOOOOnnnnn, watermelon -lon-lon-lon-lin-lon-lon-lon 
ooooooooooonnnn watermelong, lon-lon-lon-lin-lon-lon-lon
 You chocked oooooooon watermelong, lon-lon-lon-lin-lon-lon-lon
 ooooooooooooooooooooooooon watermelon

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