Friday, April 25

In ppppp
In ppppppp
In pppppppp

are you bored?

in pppppppp
in pppppaaaaa

in praprapraprap

in pact
in parct
in practice

you know this, you know! This is I did this is I did this thing I did this thing, the parrot thing, drunk and pissed off, cause the line-up was so shit and did this parrot thing mmmmmaaaaa Pipineza!! Parrot wanting to shit with his butt but the owner has invited the president for tea, Pipineza!! mmmmmmaaaaa, the owner, Pipineza!!! Has cleaned the bathroom doors, the knobs, the matt the brush and the parrot wants to shit with his butt mmmmmmmuuuuaaaaaaa but the owner, Pipineza!!! has invited the president for tea. The president, Charchoudas, has been invited for tea and the owner, Pipineza! has cleaned the bathroom mmmmmmmmaaaaaaa!

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