Friday, October 25

The doctor is naked. His body looks very lovely and symmetrical. I think he loves me. I lie down and he examines me. His penis is near the tip of my nose and his dead mother next to me under a sheet. I think this is not a clinic, it is his bedroom, or, his mother's bedroom. I think there is an electricity cut, that's why he can't work in the clinic. There is a long queue outside but he is very thorough with his examination and doesn't say a word about his mother.

The murderer has a habit: he kills two people at a time and buries them in the ground, after he has carefully removed one of their shoes. But this time, his victims wake up. They are alive. They seek revenge. They post the other shoe to him. He receives it with two days delay; a post strike or something. Need to buy batteries and be nicer to my cat x

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