Friday, October 25

I am waiting in the middle of the street. I am waiting with my mother and my sister and this man who is wearing a wig, whom I do not know. We are sitting on a big dining table in the middle of the street, waiting for our taxi. We booked it through a wedding company, it was a good deal. We are waiting and chatting and my water is finished and I use the shop's fountain - twenty seven pounds? For a little running water? I return and sit on the dining table, the man in the wig is still there, I sort of fall asleep. We have now been waiting for two hours. My mother does not want to cancel, I can call Camcabs or something, but she does not want. I sort of fall asleep and then everything happens quickly. The taxi is still not there, my mum refuses to cancel and the man with the wig decides to leave. I wake up just at that time, when he has left his seat next to me in the dining table in the middle of the street. I wake up and I realise the sucker has stolen the battery of my new iphone - I run after him, grab him from the neck (cause I love my new iphone) and challenge him : Gimme me me iphone, gimme me me iphone. He grins, with a stupid grin, his wig falls slightly on the side and he gimms me me iphone. Then I have a fight with my mum about the taxi, my sister is there too, we are all sitting down, next to the kiosk, I realise that I am wearing a wig too.

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